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FAQ #1 Click & Find

The easiest way to navigate the market is to use the category tree on the left side of every page. As you "drill into" a category, you are narrowing the possible matching items and refining your search.  A "breadcrumb" displaying where you are appears atop the category list You may filter your browsing experience by using the Browsing Filters that appear above the category tree.

FAQ #2 In what order are ads displayed?

In our shopping pages, ads will be listed in rows. The order follows this sequence:

  • Featured Ads, ordered newest on top
  • Standard Ads, ordered newest on top

FAQ #3 How can I find more items than those in my paper?

On the left side of the browsing pages (after you get past the home page), you can click the "All sources" filter and see ads within the mileage radius set right below the button.